Grade 6

bay roberts
Newfoundland and Labrador

what home means to me

A home to me is a special. Where it protects me and my family.It’s where i start and end my day! As you grow up memories are made. It keeps me warm every minute. It’s where my family loves me. It’s where your parents teach you about life. When your sad, your family is there to help. At home you feel love,safe and needed. Its where I have my meals and talk about our day. It’s where I play and have fun to. You may have ups and downs but in the end you feel good in your home. It helps you grow and feel really loved. I know when i go home i’m going to be feeling AWESOME! Home is where i go to sleep and to eat. Its where your relation grows. Home is where our family tree grows. Home is where my parents give me surprise’s. It’s where we laugh and make jokes and bake together. Home gives me courage!