Grade 5


What Home Means To Me

What Home Means To Me

What does home mean to you?
It means many things to me.
It means going to bed after a long day
and smelling the smell of bread being made.
It’s waking up to the shining sun,
making forts with my friends for fun.

Home is a place where everyone talks,
ready to share their personal thoughts.
It’s feeling safe in the walls’ embrace
as they protect you from the world’s fast pace.

Home is giving out candies on Halloween,
pumpkins and witches; what a scene!
It’s making angels in the snow
then warming up by the fire’s warm glow.

Home is my annoying brother making a drama out of everything,
me and my friends playing video games.
Its being lazy on weekends with my family
and my mom exercising everyday.

Home is being with my family,
my mother, brother, father and me.
It’s being anywhere with my family.

It’s all those little things that make home, home to me.