Grade 4

Moose Mountain
New Brunswick

What Home Means to Me

What Home Means To Me
My home is so important to me because we play games and because my mom is there and my sister is there too. That’s why my home is so special to me. Most of all my family is there and we laugh also we spend time with each other and we go places together. We have family dinners on Sunday brunches a pot luck and activities biking and fun.
The things I really like is laughter. My home is awesome and it shelters me so I am safe and sound like my mom and sister. I am glad my mom is safe and I am glad my sister is safe too even though she is annoying. Also home is special and home is where we grow and home is where you dream.
Also my home is bigger than me so I can do plenty of things inside we can do puzzles. Board games, trampoline outside and you can watch a movie and have a little snack like popcorn or chips or even both and to go with it you can have pop if you are allowed to have pop but, if you aren’t just have some juice or some water.