Grade 4

New Brunswick

What Home Means to Me

What is my home?
My home is a home because I have family there. I have two dogs, three cats and two horses. My home is yellow with a brown barn. It has huge pastures and a big yard. We have a pool and a fire pit . Pets! Pets really make a home a home. They make the house come to life and they really make it feel like home. They cuddle with you after school, when they play with you. They make you feel like home even though they’re a lot of work!
What is a home?
A home is where there are people, but not always just people. An animal can have a home. A home isn’t just walls and it’s not just a house, a home has people and animals. A house and a home are two different things.
My Home
My home is on a small hill with a brown barn. We have two horses, two dogs and three cats, it’s kind of like a farm. We have a big front and back yard. Our house is yellow and we have a gully. The horses have three big pastures and a corral. I think everyone should have a house like that.