Grade 4

New Brunswick

What Home Means to Me

What Home Means to Me

Homeless people have no shelter or warmth because of this they could get sick from rain and very cold snow.

It’s not fair for them to have to ask and sometimes beg for money because they are low paid or can’t get a job to get food or support their family or themselves.

Pets can be nice for someone and I love my pets too. But homeless people might never get the chance because they can’t afford one or can’t get them food to eat.

If I was homeless I would be sad and not safe to do anything you might feel like you’re all alone and no one would help or give you some warmth in the cold. When you don’t have a home you might not be safe from a storm or you would have no place to go.

To me home is a place where you go to bed, have dinner, have fun and play. It’s where you have the greatest memories like your first word or when you learn to read.

Home is where you have most all of your memories and some people don’t have that.

To me home is the greatest place in the world!