Grade 6


What Home Means.

My home is a safe place; a place for me to stay warm and to be surrounded by the love of my family. But a home is so much more.
Have you ever looked at the word home? There is a word in it that can help me explain the meaning of home, ME.
It’s a place for ME to feel safe, a place for ME to have shelter and even to help ME stay away from all of the bad weather. But home isn’t just for me, it is for my family, guardians and the people who take care of me. They also live there. So it is a place for love and family .Even if you live alone, you’re not really alone. You have your home. It is not just where you live, it is one of your best friends, and someone that you can talk to that will never share your secrets. A home is a trustworthy place.
Your home might be big or small or just the right size. Homes are diverse, just like the people that live in them. Your home is part of your family. It’s where you grew up, where you spent a lot of time in your life, but it will always be part of your family.
A home is where you can have your family over, where you have family gatherings or maybe you have slumber parties. Your home is a home to other people too. Imagine how many people don’t have homes. Now imagine yourself in their shoes, how do you feel?