Grade 6


What home means

I am here today to tell you what home means to me.
Here are three of my thoughts on what home means to me. My first thought about home is all the privileges I get. My second thought is that all your needs and protection I need to survive, and my last thought is family.

My first thought on what home means is the privileges you get, Like pets and sports. Because pets cost a lot of money on food and if you have a cat you need kitty litter. Then you need a place for the cat to go to the bathroom. next there are sports which also cost a lot because it is almost six hundred dollars to play hockey. And then there is another four hundred dollars on hockey equipment.

My second thought on what home means to me are all the needs and protection to survive like food water and shelter. Because one time I got told that you can only survive a couple days without food or water. Then you got your shelter and it is awful getting stuck in the rain and imagine trying to sleep at night in the rain.

Then there is the last thought on what home means to me. and that thought is your family. Because you are always very close to your family and you do everything together. Like sports and family trips and just spending family time with them is a lot to take in.

So that is what home means to me and I hope that you never take your home and family for granite. And remember what you have you should always be grateful for. So your privileges could be someone else’s needs.