Grade 6

New Brunswick

What home Meanes to me

I used to think that home was only somewhere to stay warm and a place to store our personal items and sleep at night, however, you also share great memories as well as love and laughter. My house may not be the best looking, but it is more than good enough for me. I am very much attached to my house because when I am there I feel safe and always loved.
Ever since the day my family and I moved into our house ten years ago, my mom has had problems with her asthma and has had trouble breathing off and on, and I have been getting sick multiple times per year. At first my dad thought it was the dampness of the basement and that there was a little bit of mold, so he sprayed and fixed the basement. Then we got a cat named Tommy and my mother is allergic to cats so when her asthma and breathing problems started happening again we thought right away that it was because of the cat, so we moved him into our heated barn.
My mom has been to the hospital off and on for the last few years and she finally decided to have someone come to our house and look for signs of dangerous mold, that day they ended up finding three different kinds of mold and it was in a lot more places than we could ever imagine. We had to move to an apartment for the rest of the winter, and our dogs and cat couldn’t come with us because there was a rule that we could not have animals. I felt very sad that I would not be sleeping in my house with my animals for the next four months but all of my favourite items that I cherish and love came with me. I brought my stuffed animals, wall photos, favorite pillow, and much more because I wanted to make my new bedroom feel like home.
At first, the thought of not spending Christmas at the house I have spent every Christmas at for the last ten years was very scary, but then I realized that I will still be spending Christmas with my family who I love very much, no matter where we wake up on Christmas day. I will miss seeing my dogs sitting in front of the Christmas tree waiting for their presents and hugs from me, but all that matters is that I will see them on Christmas day.
I can’t imagine other people with the same problem who can’t afford to fix their house, even worse it must be hard if they lose their home by flood or fire and don’t have the chance to save their personal things. Now I know that my house is my house and I can’t change what has happened to it, but now I realize that the true meaning of home is where my family is.