Grade 6

North Battleford

What Home Mean To Me

♡What Home Means To Me♡

Home sweet home,
The place where I feel loved .
Home means family,
Because I feel at home wherever I am,
When I am with my family.
My home is where my heart is
Because Houses aren’t homes.
A home
Is a place filled with love.
Because Houses are just buildings,
But a home is where you can love
And be loved back.

Home, a place where I feel safe.
I feel like that even if
I’m not happy.
Even through the tough times.
A safe home means peace.
No fear.
You know you’re safe
No worries,no fear.
That’s what a safe home means to me.
I’m proud to own this home
It’s because of the safety.
Pride is a word to describe this home!
Safety is in this home!
Peace is in this home!
And most importantly,
I’m proud to own this home!

The most relaxing thing is comfort.
My home has comfort.
It’s more than just a place to sleep at night!
It’s my home!
Homes aren’t just houses.
A home is where I feel comfy.
It’s more than just a house,
BeCause it is comfy for me and my family
All I am trying to say is:
There’s no place like home!!!