Grade 6

British Columbia

What home is…

Home is a place where you feel, a place you feel, really feel, loved warm and peaceful. A home can be anything it can be anywhere as long as it feels the place for you. It can be a home even if it is a box, a can, or even a burrow for a fox. It could be a hole for a mouse, the forest, it does not need to be a house. Home is the best place in all of the land it’s a place where fun, peace and love all fall hand in hand. It is a place to conquer your fears, it is a place that could be full of cheers. I tell you it could be anywhere as long as it is a place that you are not scared and as long as it makes you feel, deeply feel, loved, warm and peaceful. That is what a home is for me and that’s what a home should be for everybody.