Grade 5


What Home is to Me

What home is to me

Home to me, is a place where I can live safely.
A place where my family loves me.
It’s a place where i can go to if i’m sad
And to help me, i go to my dad.
A place where i can have a great time,
And memories that will always ring in my heart,
Just like a wind chime.

Home to me, is a place of happiness
A place of love, joy and kindness
It’s the place where i do my homework to learn
And where i eat yummy meals.
It’s where i wake up in the morning and hear the birds sing
And my mom tells me that i can tell her anything.

Home to me, is a place where i am part of a family.
A family that loves me very dearly.
It’s a place that protects me from the storms outside
And a place where i can be satisfied.
A place where i can read great books that i love,
And protecting me is the great god above.

Home to me, is being with my family
And with my, I live happily.
It’s also my dad making me laugh
And helping my brother on my behalf
You can’t take a home,that’s all i can say
Because a home will always be there to stay.