Grade 5


What Home is to me!

What Home is to me!

Everyone deserves a home. Home comes with everyone

gathering with the only coming enjoying every bit.

This is why I love home Hope you enjoy… and I also have devices there

Home is a place where you can watch movies what else

you ask… SPENDING TIME WITH FAMILY! That’s my first reason why!

If you’re stressed you can just feel comfortable don’t care who’s around you

cause you’re being alone sometimes

but when you want to you can go see family.

I love home… it holds me and family and all my possessions!

Everything, Everyone, All of the existing needs a place to

live, love and enjoy!

The shelter is my last reason it provides protection

from rain wind and more…. without home no one would be safe

home is a comfortable space.

A family is safe when you’re together with your family it’s already home!

I love home we all need home it’s the best shelter you own.

Home isn’t a house or where you’re born it’s where you make it!