Grade 5

British Columbia

What home is to ME


It is almost impossible to describe but when you know how it feels to have a home it makes it a little easier.
Could you imagine how it would feel if you did not have a birthday party?
This year for my 10th birthday party my mother surprised me by asking her friend (who has a horse) if he could bring his horse (Chico) to my surprise party, so for my 10th birthday I got to ride a horse!
Home is a place you can put on the fire and stay warm.
Home is a place where it does not matter what you do, there will always be some one there that loves you.
sometimes I will wish I live in a fairy-tale but then I realise I already do.
Home is a place I think everyone should have.
Home is a place when I walk in I feel like I achieved something.
And I think that people who do not have a home feel something that I would hate to feel.
I have a family, I know love, I have friends, I go to school like every one else but my parents got a divorce when I was four years old and from that day on that really affected me and I still go to school like every one else and I have sleep overs like every one else and I have play dates like every one else but I don’t have a full family and it is like I am almost half empty.
If I did not have a home I would almost feel empty.
And I really really just want to help a family in need, if I win first I will choose a poor family in Thailand and one day I will go there too.