Grade 5

British Columbia

what home is to me

What home is to me
Home is a place I live. It keeps me warm, it helps me live. With out home I can’t live. It keeps memories, fun times, moments that will stay forever. Home I feel safe there, I feel like I can do any thing there. I can watch TV, eat and play games. It’s one of those places that’s most important. Home it keeps me safe. Home it’s not like a house it’s more like a safe place for whoever enters it, like the place where you have sad moments, happy moments and angry moments. I can just die about how much I love my home. I think every body should have a home and family like I do.
It’s a place where you’re never alone. It makes you feel never afraid or scared. It’s a place with laughter that fills the air, it’s where there’s friends and family who stand be side you. What home is to me is like when I do something I love or I admire. Home is where you grow up to be so brave and proud. You feel comfortable and happy each day you make more and more memories one, two, three, four doesn’t mater how many memories make them all. I feel like you can make dreams come true, or sad memories turn into fun and happy memories.