Grade 5


What Home Is To Me

We always say “I want to go home.” But why do we always say this? I know why I say it.
For me home is my happy place. The place that I can be free and laugh and do whatever I want. Sure, it has my bed and a kitchen and a living room but what really makes my home so special to me is my family, the memories and the love that fills the air. When I’m home I feel like there’s a fence that protects me from all bad things. I cherish home, I love my home. I feel joy when I’m at home. Home is my place where I get cheered up when I’m sad or I feel safe and where I can push all my worries away. Most of my best memories come from my home like when we made a castle out of our moving boxes and then decorated it with play scarves and accessories.
But what if I didn’t have a place where I could push all of my worries away or feel safe and happy. It’s sad but true. Some people don’t this wonderful place.
Every time I see a homeless person I think about this. I also think about how lucky I am to have a home. So we need to remember to take nothing for granted because some people aren’t as fortunate.
And so I try to help. My family and I donate to homeless shelters and sometimes give money or food to people on the streets. Wouldn’t it be amazing if everyone had a nice home? I want that so I take action. If you want that I suggest you take action too.