Grade 6


What home is to me

The Meaning of Home

Home is…

Where there is food
Where there is water
Where there is shelter
Where there is love
Where I can be healthy
Where I am welcomed
Where I have family
Where there is comfort
Where there is pride
Where there are people
Where there is support
Where there are siblings
Where I can return my love
Where I have all my stuff
Where I am grateful
Where I can take off my shoes on a doormat that says home sweet home
Where my animals are
Where there is no smoking
Where there is laughing
Where there are good times
Where my phone is
Where my puppy is
Where I can sit down at a clean table
Where I can sleep in my bed
Where I can excercise
Where I can work my brain
Where I can read
Where I can write
Where I can go outside and play freely
Where I have clothes to cover me if I am cold
Where I can adjust the heat if I am hot or cold
Where there is no bombing
Where I am not tortured
Where I am not forced to work
Where I don’t hold a gun
Where I can have help whenever I need it
Where I can have friends over
Where I have my pool
Home is where I live.