Grade 6

British Columbia

what home is to me

  1. Home is a place where everybody should be able to have fun and play games together. Home is a place like no other place in the world that you can relax and sleep and play games with your family .Home is the one place that you know that you are safe with your family and that you know wherever you are in your home that you are safe and having fun.Home is a place where you have all the things that you love and all the toys and all the fun games you have.Animals in your home can sleep with you in your bed and protect you well you are in your house and know that you are safe especially when you have your animal.When you are home you feel happy and fun because you know that your home having fun doing fun things with your family.Home is a place to rest and to random fun things with your family and your sisters and brothers and all your animals in your family.Home is a place where you can do whatever you want with whoever you want in your family and play whatever game you want.