Grade 6


What Home Is

What is home? You may have been asked this before. Home is where you make priceless memories and those memories have to be told either by you or one of your family members. Home is where you make mistakes and you learn from them. Home is where mother bakes you fresh cookies. I saw a disappointing video on TV and it showed that people would rather give money to teenage girls than give money to a little boy or girl that needs food because they’re homeless. Home is where you celebrate holidays like Christmas and New Years. Home is where you throw birthday parties and spend time with your family. Home is where you have all your supportive friends and family members. Some people wish that they had more things in life when, they are already successful because they have clothes on their backs, food in their stomachs, a house and a family. They don’t need anymore than what they have. Think of the thousands of people who are dying of starvation and or hypothermia. This is what home means to me!