Grade 6


What Home Is

What Home Is
What is home? A shelter? A place to sleep? I was a person that thought that’s what home is, but the meaning of home is so much more. A home is place you feel comfortable in, and with people surrounding you. Home is a place that you can wake up to and be grateful that nobody is bombing you or that you actually have a roof over your head, and people that care for you.
Home is a place that you can trust, that feels as if it is yours. It always feels warm even if it is the middle of winter and you’re outside with no protection or anything. Home is a place that you’ll be protected from anything at all even if you feel that you can’t be helped. That’s why you’re lucky if you do have a home.
Everybody deserves at least that for themselves, their friends and especially their family.
I would never change a thing.