Grade 5


What Home Feels To Me

What Home Feels To Me

Home is like a place where u keep your memories and love. Home is a place where you play with friends and Family. Home is like your BFF. Home can mean anything to anybody including you. Home is like your very own castle where you can do what you like.

The sad thing is, and I hate to say this, but a lot of people all around the world don’t have a home like me. Those people can’t eat, drink, live, or sleep like me. They can’t the warmth and love like me. Those people don’t even have a family like me.

They don’t know how home feels like. They don’t know how home feels like to me. Home I feels like a soft fluffy pillow that spread all around the house. Home sounds like laughter and videos games. Home looks like a peaceful and fun place to play. Home tastes like a bunch of cupcakes and desserts. Home is where I want to stay. Home is a place for every to feel special and welcomed