Grade 6


What home feels to me

Home, home feels to me like it should feel for everybody else. My home is amazing, when I have friends over my dad and brother welcome them in are home. Every night we always have a good meal if it’s pork chops or hamburgers, no matter what I will still love it. When you get up on your birthday you know you will have a great supper with your family. A home is a special place to make lot’s of memories with your family but a house can’t do that. Listen to me go on about my home there is 1 of 7 Canadians family’s don’t have a good home to live in that’s why we should “ give a hand up, not a hand out”. Home is a great place to be like when you get home from a trip and you’re pulling in your laneway you should be like oh finally we’re home. That is what home feels to me and that’s what it should feel like to you.