Grade 5


What Home Feels Like to Me

Home matters to me a lot, it is my favorite place in the whole world. Home feels great, awesome, nice, and warm, and my home feels like I’m on top of the earth. Every time when I walk into my home, my cat is always there with me, and my fish Sunshine swims around in her tank with her beautiful scales all over her, all the time it looks like Sunshine is trying to say hello to me. My family really matters to me, I love my Mom, Dad, Nana, Grandad, Grandma, Grandpa, auntie Nini, cousin Gabe, cousin Ethan and Brianna, and my sisters so much. Also I sometimes help my family when they are having hard times, like my sister Amber with math homework, and my mom and dad when they need help cleaning dishes and around the house, and my nana with cooking. I have fresh food, water, and a great shelter. While I sit on the couch in my house I feel like I’m sitting on a fluffy, warm cloud in the sky, and when I take a nap I feel safe and relaxed, and when I eat some warm cooked chicken I feel like I’m in heaven. Home really matters to me and you in life.