Grade 5


what home feels like to me

How A Home Feels like to me

A home is a place to relaxe,
You can show your tears for all your years.
You will never need to go you can always take it slow.
You never need to hide because everyone is on your side.
Without a home it would be really tough your life would be really rough.
A home is the best you can always take a rest.
You will not be called names you can always play games.
A home is a place to feel good with a home you can have a proper childhood.
You can show your love and go above.
You won’t be shy you will never need to lie.
You can have a pet you will not need to bet.
You will not get hurt by a stranger you will not be in danger.
You won’t need a rent you won’t pay a cent.
You will not need to flea that is what a home feels like to me.