Grade 5


What home does home mean to me?

What does home mean to me?
I consider canada toronto a home and especially that is where i was born.

I have a home , a roof over my head so no rain comes inside the house, a bed so i do not have sleep on the really cold floor and finally food in the house so i do not have to go hungry.
Peace, a home has patience and is always listening and that cares because it stand up tall strong and firm.

Love. everytime you come into your lovely home you show respect for the home you live in. And if it was a mess it would not be consider a home it would be consider a random house and you do not want to think that and others to think that.

Memory, to remember all of your birthday parties , family dinners and special occasions those are all just memory put the thing you really need to remember and hang on to is where it starts and all of the real memories start at your first home.
New born, when you welcome your new sibling into the family ……. guess who was the first one to see your new family member ?…….. Your home was the first to see your sibling.

Traditions, everybody has a family tradition and you can create one with your family and the family traditions all start with that first home your family member ever had and you should be thankful you have a home and not a house. Everybody goes through emotions and your home is there to help you and is there to cheer you up.

Dream, everybody dreams there are night dreamers and day dreamers but the point is that every time you dream and believe it can happen you can go a long way and all of your dreams can start with that place you call home.
Safe, do you know when you are safe ? well i know when i am safe because i have this place call home i have this strong structure i have these firm walls and i proudly call home.

Know you are really clear of what a home is.

By Shemayah