Grade 6


What does home means to you?

What does home mean to you ? By: ALAN LIANG

What does home mean to you? For my essay I wrote about what home means to me. For the body of my essay I wrote what home means to me. I also wrote what is in my home for example, I have 3 cherry trees in my backyard. An example for what home means to me is, to me home means my home town. Enjoy my essay!

To me home means eating dinner with my family and being with my family. Home is a place where I can watch my favorite T.V shows and playing the computer or the tablet with my brother every day which warms my heart and makes me very happy. Whenever I come back home from somewhere my bucket fills* because my home is my favorite place to be. In my home I talk to my brother and sometimes he bothers me and sometimes fight but I still like my brother and I got used to my brother fighting me. I like my home because I have a big backyard and in my backyard I have a lot of plants and also i have have 3 cherry trees. 1 huge cherry tree, 1 medium sized cherry tree, and 1 small one. The small cherry tree is new and don’t have cherries growing on it, the medium sized cherry tree’ s cherries taste sour, and the huge one taste sweet which taste very good. The I don’t ever want to move to a different place because I like my home and I have a lot of friends here that are awesome and I don’t want to leave my friends. My school is also my home because the school I’m in now is the best school ever because I learned a lot here and this school is just awesome. Home means a safe place to be in. A home doesn’t have to be somewhere you live, it could be somewhere you like or it can be a country, a place, and other places that make you feel like home. To me a home is the first house I lived in and it also means somewhere with my family. There is everything in my home to make me feel happy, warm, cozy, sleepy relaxed, and makes me feel like I’m ready to eat, and makes me feel like I’m with my family.

*bucket: “everyone has an invisible bucket near them. When someone does something good to you, or smiles at you,they fill your bucket. When you do something good at them, you fill their bucket and your own!Don’t be the one person who would empty out a bucket.”

I think this is what home means because what what else would home mean? My home is a place where I can live, a place that might be safe, some homes are not safe but most of the people think their homes are safe because your family keeps you safe. For those who doesn’t have a place to in they still have a home, their home is his or her hometown. So if there is someone without a home now they will be just right because if the person is still alive without a home the person is strong so the person don’t have to worry. They will get a home later in life ,They will get a house soon. Just believe. THIS IS THE END OF MY CONCLUSION.