Grade 4

Salt Spring Island
British Columbia

What Does Home Mean To You?

Have you ever asked yourself what does “home” really mean? Think about that…
Any answers? How about this….

In order for me to feel at home, I don’t need to be in a certain house.

Vancouver was, and is, my first home. It’s where I was born, where I grew up, where I had my first words, where I had my first steps, where I had my first hug. It was a place where all my family and friends were. It was the foundation of my life.

My second home is Saltspring Island where I live now, where I am writing this story. It is very special to me. I have only lived here for four years, and so far, I think it’s pretty good!

My third home is England, where I don’t live but pretty much all of my family does. Plus my parents were born there so have a history with it. When I’m there I feel like the people I love and care about are always near.

Maybe you have one home. You might have two.
But are any of these houses actually your home?
Home does not need to be where you live. Home is a place where you feel safe, happy, and loved.

It may be your house or your grandparents house, or a place where you grew up, or a place where most of your family lives.

Everyone who has a home should be eternally grateful.

Home is lots of things:
Home is fun,
Home is friendly,
Home is safe,
Home means family…

Home is also not some things:
Home isn’t wet,
Home isn’t unfriendly,
Home isn’t dangerous,
Home isn’t scary…

What this story is telling you is that a home is not a building, but a feeling.