Grade 4


What Does Home Mean to You?

My home is a place where I can be myself without other people judging me. My homes is where I can play games, dance, laugh and sing. Where I can spend time watching movies with my family. A place where I can help clean the house. I can make tasty chocolate chip cookies with my mom which smell delicious and many more sweet treats.

My home is where I can celebrate my birthday and many other things. One example is when my grandmother came to canada for the 3rd time. We had a BIG dinner, we ate thai soup, baryani, BBQ chicken, BBQ beef, salmon and shrimp. I learnt that my grandmother hates shrimp but she hasn’t ever ate it before she just thinks it looks gross. I showed her many things like when I showed her my room, I showed her how to put on a seat belt and showed her how to use the shower.

My home is a place where I spend time with my family like watching movies, having a family discussion, going outside playing with my family and having a beautiful time. Having a wonderful dinner with my family. I also love playing pretend with my funny brothers. I also love playing pranks on my older brothers like hiding there mouses and glasses.

My home is where my family takes care of each other. One time my finger got stuck in the door in my brothers room. It hurt super bad, then I screamed and my parents came running up stairs. To see what happened. My mom saw that my finger was stuck and pulled it out. I’m grateful for having such a caring family.

A house is just a bunch of bricks and windows. A home made up of a bunch of love and beautiful memories.