Grade 4


What does home mean to me?

What does home mean to me?

Home is a loving place because whatever happens you are with you family, and safe because

is different from another person’s house. Home means rules because without them no one

is safe, or without family there is no one to care or love you. On my 7th birthday I was Canmore driving home, once I got home all my friends were there. We had hours of enexpected fun. That is one very important moment. My home is everything I hoped for, I’ve got important but silly memories. One day I was helping my mum cook. she went upstairs to get something. She told us to smash some tomatoes, so we got some tomatoes and threw them on the wall. She was a bit mad but my twin brother and I thought it was funny! Home means silly in a good way, home means to be yourself. On Fridays we have family game night. Home is a caring, fun place. Home is family, loving, with people you love. God is always there with you, so don’t stop believing in yourself.