Grade 6


What Does Home Mean To Me And others?

What Does Home Mean to Me and Others?
To me a home is a place that holds family, friends, and love. In a home you feel comfortable. You also feel like it is your own. To me, it is sad to think that some people don’t have a home. In your home, you live in it with your family.
Your home is filled with good times and good memories. I want those things for other people, too. I want them to have to have food, water, and shelter. Some people that live in Canada don’t even have a roof over their head when it snows. That is not fair to them. When I think of this, it almost makes me feel guilty, because I have a house, food and clean, fresh water to drink. Some people beyond Canada don’t have clean clothes to wear or any clothes at all that is not fair.
You can change this by raising money and donating money to Homes for Humanity. It is an organization that takes the money you donate and uses it to build a home for a family in need of one. That is how you can help families in need.