Grade 4


What Does Home Mean to Me

To me a home is a place make memories like when you make a big mess of the kitchen or when you get a comfortable brand new carpet and you sleep on it that night, another memory is if your nice little innocent pet hamster chewed a hole in your couch while you were on vacation. Another thing that home means to me is I feel safe because when it thunderstorms I think of how God blessed me with a home instead of getting soaked. One great memory from my home was on April fools day two years ago when my mom was sleeping I put my life size doll I had got for Christmas four years ago under my bed covers with a couple of stuffed animals. After, I tried to find a good spot to hide, I ended up hiding in my closet. My mom woke up and came into my room and started tickling “me” she noticed I didn’t start laughing so she started looking all over the house and outside, and she was just about to call my dad but then I coughed, mom ran upstairs and opened my closet door and when she looked in I said with a wide smile “April fools!”
My home will always be my home.