Grade 4


What does home mean to me

What Does Home Mean To Me?
Home is a very special place, its a place where one can be comfortable, cared and loved. My home is special to me, it is important to me. My home makes me happy, especially my family! I love my family, they are the ones who have raised me and cared for me. They are part of what we call home.

At home, I like to have some time alone, to either play, read, eat, or even relax. I also like to have family time, a time where my whole family gets together and talks. We talk about personal things, like how we feel or how our day was like.

Being trusted is important, especially at home with our family. We want to be loved and grateful that we even have homes with everything one needs. We should be thankful that our family provides for us, that we have a comfortable and loving home.

In conclusion, my home is my own, it is my place where I can feel safe!

Thank you