Grade 6


What Does Home Mean to Me

A home to me may not be a home to you,
but the fact it is a home is not untrue.
Whether it is a house or a car,
a farm or boxes or where you find granola bars.
It is still a home, no doubt,
a home is something no one should be without.

A home to me is fluffy blankets and food,
a mom and a sister who fill me with gratitude.
A home to me has a phone to play on,
a place I can cackle at a joke like a moron.
A home, to me or to you, is somewhere you find comfort,
even if the day has been a bummer.

A home is a safe haven,
a place you can enjoy your bacon.
It may not be very quiet,
But it’s still the best place to be, I may be a little biased.
A home has a place where I can doodle,
a place I wish had a miniature poodle.

Your home is very different I bet,
and maybe it has an actual pet