Grade 6


What does home mean to me?

Well, it is where you can eat when you are hungry. But if you are hurt you can feel better at home. When you are sick you can stay home and feel better.You come home every day have a snack and play with your friends outside.But if you are getting bullied you come home and cry and your mom and dad they can make you feel better.

You can play outside with your friends and take a walk, or go somewhere with your Mom or Dad. Sometimes you get annoyed with your siblings. But eventually, you and siblings will make up soon.You siblings can stick up for you if you are hurt.

It is where you spend most of your life, Home is where you spend your birthday with your family and blow out your candles and open your present too.You can go on vacation and see your aunties, uncles and cousins.

Home is where you sleep when it is cold outside and drink hot chocolate in your pajamas.You spend four seasons with your family Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.

That is what Home means to me!!!