Grade 4


What Does Home Mean to Me?

What Does Home Mean to Me?
My Home is special because not every person in the world has a home to sleep in. Also not every person has a family to share a house. They also don’t have a heated house all winter or in any cold or rainy weather. They don’t have money to buy clothes or technology or a house. So when I see somebody without a clothes, food or a house I’m really sad so please donate to those who have nothing like we do.

So help the people that have no home or anything, be thankful for what you got. When you look at what you got you might see food in the fridge, clothes in your room, and a house. But it’s way different for the homeless they live on the street or share a house with somebody or in the homeless shelter. They might eat food on the street, they might also get food from strangers. They don’t have nice new fresh clothes that just got washed with a fresh smell or that’s the warmest in the world. Just remember they have the opposite of what we have, so just be thankful.

Please Help raise money for the homeless today.