Grade 5


what does home mean to me

what does home mean to me?

What does home mean to me? Well home is the place you learn how to walk you were at this place your entire life. When you go to your friend’s house you maybe will not feel comfortable for the first time because that’s not your home that’s not the place you were raised. when you move houses its sad you’re not happy there so it might take time to get used to like if you’ve been at your new house for a year now you will feel comfortable maybe but you know now that’s your home forever and ever. After lets say you graduate high school so you have to go to college you have to go your exited its time to start your own dream your own life. Later when your done college you have kids and you get married and have a great job and birthdays have gone bye and you have a great house a great family your life has gotten bigger and huge and amazing for you! But when you move your kids are sad but you make them grow bigger and stronger. Finally when they graduate high school and go to college and they start a family what happens they make a home. The end