Grade 6

Thunder Bay

What does a home mean to me!


For me, a home is where my parents are, they have made me who I am, it can’t be a home without them. A home is where all my problems evaporate, where I feel safe, where everybody is welcomed even with their differences. Everyone is unique. Like I said, everybody should be welcomed, but not only that, they need to be understood. They need to be understood how they are feeling, their culture respected and their language.

A house isn’t my home, my country is. My home doesn’t have to be where I was born, it’s where I feel the happiest. A home for me, is where I can express myself without any doubts. Where I can let out my emotions and don’t regret what I say. A home is where you can be yourself, where you’re not scared to show your beautiful face. It is where you are accepted for who you are and nothing else. A home is where you feel free, where you can fly away without being carried by the wind.

A home is where you’re comfortable, it’s not somebody who’s forcing you, you have to find it. It is where you feel it is what you’re looking for, where you’ll be happy. A home is where nobody would look at you like if you were nothing, it is where people will support you and love you.