Grade 5

Nova Scotia

What brings family together

Meaning of Home
What brings family together
For me the meaning of home is my family. They remind me of home because, home is a place where there is love, happiness and kindness and my family has all of that. This story reminds me of how something little can bring your whole family together.

I could feel sweat oozing down my neck then, bam! I hit an extraordinary shot on my new ping pong table. I told my dad that was the best ping pong table I’ve ever played on. But the most important thing was it was bringing our family together.

I sprinted down stairs. My eyes were burning I knew that I didn’t get enough sleep, because I couldn’t wait to get a new ping pong table for my birthday. When I got down stairs I saw a very large box that had the words I wanted it to have, ping pong table. My eyes exploded with pleasure. I Knew that I was going to get a ping pong table, but it felt different when I really got it.

I started to open the box, when my mom said “stop wait for me to open the box you could break the table with all of your excitement”. Then my mom started to open the box, we started to put the table together. And that’s when I realized my ping pong table was bringing my mom and I together.

My ping pong table was made. My mom and I put it together. Then my dad my brother and I, started to play ping pong it was incredible the new ping pong table was amazing. Then I realized again that my ping pong table was bringing my brother, my dad and I together.

The reason I love my ping pong table so much is because it brings my family together. I love family so much, and they remind me of home.