Grade 5


What A Wonderful Home

Your home is a place where you are you.
Your memories bloom and your heart grows bigger.
When your in your home, that’s just the trigger.
You feel good or bad. Happy or sad.

In your home, you laugh and giggle
As your friends and siblings come to play.
When you’re tucked into bed, you look back and you think “Ah what a wonderful day”
You run around and jump for joy.
Even when you feel a bit coy.
Sometimes you’re sad maybe because you’ve been bad.
But that’s okay because you have the ones that you love like your mom or dad.

You are surrounded with loads of love.
Tough sometimes, your heart wants to shove.
You have friends who care deeply.
But sometimes, your head runs around briefly.

At home, you plummeted into your first steps.
As your family thought “What’s next?”.
You painted your first painting.
It was so good, you felt like fainting.

But, let’s take a pause.
This is a worthy cause.
What if one day you woke up and didn’t have a home?
No cozy place to relax.
No place to jump around.
No friends in your town.
No fun place to play.
No comfy bed to lie on.
Man, what a day.

You are in the cold and dark without any friends.
You sit down and think “This is the end”
You loose your hope.
And everything that life throws at you…
You can’t cope.

But what if, there was a spark.
Wait, hark it up.
What if there is a solution.
Yes, there is a resolution!