Grade 6


What a warm feeling that would be.

What a Warm Feeling that Would Be

Hello, my name is Franklin De-Limsy partington jr. but you can call me Frank or Franklin or whatever you like.
Well it is Christmas eve and I am sitting on my wooden and splintered bench watching everyone walk by on the busy streets of Toronto. Now I know what you’re thinking i’m sitting on my bench on my porch at my home, but that’s not the case. I don’t actually own home, I`m sitting on a public bench on a busy street. As I am sitting on my bench I sometimes get those looks from people walking by like ` why are you sitting there it’s cold out` or ` why are you asking for money` but sometimes and most of the time they ignore me! It`s like i’m invisible, AM I INVISIBLE!!
So a little while later a girl no older than 7 came running up to me. “ hello,” said the girl “my name is Chloe”
“ hello Chloe, my name is Frank,” I said back.
“ I can’t stay long I have to help my parents put our presents under our tree at home,” she said happily. “ don’t you have to get ready for Christmas at your house?”
I was about to tell her how I don’t have a home to go to when I heard a woman yell,
“ Chloe we need to go hurry up,”
“Coming mom! Bye Frank,” said Chloe cheerfully. As she dropped $20 into my change collecting hat.
“Merry Christmas Frank,” Chloe said.
“Merry Christmas” I said back, as she ran off to her mother.
And now I am sitting here wondering what it would be like to have a home with family and friends opening presents together, what a warm feeling that would be.