Grade 5


What a Home Means to Me

Home is comfortable, beautiful and safe. I feel safe in my house. Home is a happy place and is familiar to people because it’s comfort. Home is a loving and caring place. I think home is where you can take off those dirty, smelly and uncomfortable shoes and sit on that warm, happy couch.

A home is where you celebrate your best days!! A house is great for you because you get a room where there hopefully is peace and quiet, except when you have a brother or sister like me!!! A house is where you have to pay the taxes and bills. A home is where you can have mixed emotions like sadness, happiness and frustration. In a home you get punished and grounded it sucks, but sometimes you deserve it!

At night you feel safe because you’re inside a home and a cozy bed instead of a filthy bench full of germs of other people. A home is a place where you meet neighbours, friends, pets etc… that you will love and care about forever. A home is a good and excellent place to live your life!