Grade 5


What a Home Means to Me

What’s nice and cozy where you spend most of your time … You guessed it a home! Today I will be sharing what a home means to me.
A home is not just a place where you live. It’s a place where you can be yourself and where you don’t have to be scared to share your feelings. It’s a place where you can have birthday parties and friends over whenever you like (well almost whenever you like). So what it may seem like it’s just a roof, walls and some beams but believe me it can be much more than that. It just depends on what you make it be.
In your home you’re usually not the only one living there for example I share my home with, my older brother Matthew, my dog Turbo and of course Mom and Dad. A lot of people think that a house and a home are the same thing but they aren’t. A house is a place waiting to be a home, but a home is a place that is made to be yours. In a home to make sure it’s yours you can customise it to fit your personality of what a home is to you. Home’s come in all shapes and sizes and mine just happened to be the perfect size for my family.
A home is a place where you can feel safe and loved. But the saddest part about homes is that not everybody has one and I think that should change. So that’s where habitat for humanity comes in.