Grade 4

British Columbia

What a Home Means

Home is a welcoming place, most of us don’t consider how lucky we are. A home is where you have warmth, shelter, a place to eat, sleep soundly and safety. A home is a place that everyone should share with each other, where you learn the lessons you need to learn; like how to walk, run and play. Home has a freedom that no other thing has, it’s a place for you to roam free and wild.

You have good days and bad days, happy and sad days, you have up and down days but every day you have a new special memory to think of. You will learn how to support and what a family is; you will learn to comfort. Every morning you should wake up thankful every night you should go to bed thankful for what you have. You will never feel alone. Most people have a home that they can heal their broken bones, fight the colds that hit us and headaches and stomachaches that you may get. Most have a home to heal in.

Home is a place to go after a long day, a place to share with friends and family, to love and care about others near and far. My Home will never get less love from me. A home is a beautiful structure. Memories will be made and goals will be set.

Though sadly there are people living on the streets without a home that don’t get all the luxuries we have, let’s share it. Lets step up and help the people who don’t have a home.