Grade 4


What a home is to me

What a home means to me,

Home is the place that I can be my self whether that is happy, sad, silly, mad, funny, or even lazy.

Home is the place were you feel safe and are surrounded with the people that love you such as a mother, father, brother, sister, grand parent, Aunt, or uncle even a pet like a dog, cat or a fish.

Home to me is the place where I can be anything my imagination wants me to be and play with my favourite dolls or stuffed animals.

Home is the taste of hot chocolate, the smell of baking cookies, the warmth of a hot fire, a hug from my Mother a kiss from my Father a pillow fight with my brother.
Home is the place that gives me shelter from the rain or snow, the place where I can lay my head down to sleep.

Many people are not fortunate to have a home and some are even alone, with no safe place to return to at the end of the night.

The poor deserve a place that makes them feel safe a, place where they can be them self’s, a shelter from the struggles of life.

The poor deserve a Home.