Grade 4

St. Catharines

What a Home is!

A home is where you feel safe and you do what your family does and every family is different.And my family plays family game night yours my or yours my not.A home is where you can have fun and you may have 2 homes and that’s ok I have 2 homes two.And you could also life only with your mom or only with your dad. Your home may have 1 door with a screen door and in the summer when your parents open the door it’s really hot!A home is when you are in your room your soft blankets pillows and you are comfortable in your bed and some times your mom or dad make banana bread and it smells amazing. When fall comes your mom or dad makes pumpkin pie you smell the delicious pie and you really yummy and you really want some and your mom or dad said no it’s for dessert and you keep smelling it and you really want some!