Grade 6


What a Home is

What is a home to me? A home to me is where you feel safe, loved and where you don’t need to have your walls up. A home there’s only one that’s yours but a house could be anyone’s. A home is where you should feel free not cooped up like an animal. A home could also be a someone, by that I mean someone who you should feel safe with or who you can be yourself around. A home is somewhere you live and thrive in. Somewhere you live with the people or person you love. My home isn’t just a place I live it’s something I love and care for. A home is where families are formed and where family diners are held. A home is where the best memories are formed and where the most fun happens it’s also where magic happens. For the end I going to write a little poem that I think everyone knows plus it applies to this topic, a home is where the heart is.