Grade 5


What a home is

A home to me is more than just a roof over my head but a place where You can share memories with your family and crack jokes with your friends. A place where You feel safe, cozy and loved. You can be yourself and enjoy coming home to a loving family.

Some people can’t afford to go to school or learn and it’s really important. We learn life skills and how to care for ourself and others. And at school there are other things too, like friends,fun,adventure and other fun stuff. Learning is important beacause it will help us know what to do and make decisions as we get older.

Education can teach us how to be safe. Safety is important beacause we can get badly hurt if we are not safe. A home is a really safe place and especially If you have a loving family that will protect you. Not everyone has a home so note everyone feels very safe, so I feel that every one should have a home. A place where they feel safe.

Food and water can keep us alive. Some people don’t have food or they have dirty water and sometimes they just can’t afford it. We shouldn’t waste food because some people would love to eat what you just rejected. It’s good to donate food and water so others can enjoy something to eat.

A home is important and I think everyone deserves one. A nice home that is safe, cozy , with food and water and loving friends and family.
A place to share memories ,play with friends and help siblings. That is why I think everyone deserves a home and that is what home means to me.