Grade 6

New Brunswick

We’re Home

After a long day at school I’m finally home. Have you ever had a super long day at school or work and when you came home you just flopped on your bed because you’re so tired? Well I do that almost every day and oh my, it feels amazing! As the warm cozy sheets smother me I slowly fall asleep. Home is a place where I feel safe, warm and cozy.
BBBBBEEEEEPPPPP!!! I hear the fire alarm and that means there is a warm tasty meal on the table. Oh my, it is going to taste delicious!
There are lots of people that are homeless and that need a home or water or food. I once saw a video of some guy who took a homeless person and bought him an apartment and food, water, clothing. All that stuff you need so homeless people are just as important as us.
When I walk through that door, I get so excited to go throw myself in bed myself in bed and smother myself with warm cozy sheets! As the door open I hear my mom talking to my sister. I hear my mom calling “CAM!! CAM!!” As I slowly walk down the stairs my mom asks me “how was your day?” I say good, but long she says “what do you want for dinner? I say I don’t really care as long as it’s something tasty. She says how about mac & cheese? I say sure.
After I eat I eat I go back and flop on my bed. I grab my iPad I lay down like I came back from longest day of my life. I say holy cow how did I get through that day. That was “INSANE!
As my eyes get heavy I slowly fall asleep l turn my iPad off and close my eyes shut. “CAM!!! CAM!!!” Time to drive your sister to swimming I wake up and say do I have to? Mom says yes. I try to fall back asleep but she keeps yelling “CAM!!! CAM!!!” Come on your sister is going to be late so I slowly get up and walk down the stairs. I get my shoes on and run outside.
I feel like everybody should have a home. Because some people have seven billion dollars and some people have not even a dollar. Home is a place where I can feel safe warm and cozy and it should be where homeless people can feel the same. I wish I could just make the world with no homeless people, no sick people and where everybody can be happy. So when I see a homeless person I wish I could give them a million dollars but I don’t have that money. So next time you see a homeless person at least smile.