Grade 6

New Brunswick


“Wake up bud, time to go to school” my mother says while yawning. I stumble out of bed, zombie like I get dressed. “How was your sleep” my father asks. “It was fine” I mumble. I stare at the clock, it’s 7:25. “Time to catch the bus” my mother says with her sweet voice. I shuffle down the street to my bus stop. I slouch down in my seat, I think about my cozy bed. “OH HOW I WISH I WERE HOME!”
The bus bounces, it jerks my head forward. OUCH! “That would not have happened if I were at home.” I start to think about home, the thought of my warm bed slaps me across the face. Having the comfort of my home, nothing can harm me.
The bus comes to a stop, picks up 3 kids and were off. I close my eyes to meet the thought of the warm food mother cooks. The delicious soups, the great pies. Mmmm I can almost taste those pies. Oh, yeah don’t forget the bread. Mother bakes the best homemade bread on this planet!

My best friend Jackson hops into my seat. “Maybe we could go to the park after school” he says with a giggle. “Sorry, I have to stay home and catch up on a project” I say nervously. I start to think about home AGAIN. All of those happy and sad times were in my home. My eyes start to water. “Only 7 hours to go.”

The day passes by and I’m STILL thinking about home. My cozy bed, warm food mother always makes, the sad times like when my cat died. I cried and cried for years. And the happy times like when my family plays with me. I trudge to the bus to go home. I pounce in my seat, pop in my earbuds and listen to my JAMS! The bus stops in front of my house, I jump off the bus and sprint to my door. I yank the door open and… there in front of me just made my day.