Grade 6

New Brunswick

Were Home

As I ditch the bus and jump into the warm sunlight, I start to run home. Home at last, finally I can crash in my comfy bed. I drop my backpack, leap up the stairs into my room and let my bed catch me. I couldn’t imagine a world without a home. Under my cozy covers I thank everyone for such a great place to be when I’m happy tired or sad, while I drift off into sleep.
Home means everything to me and it probably means the same to you. No matter what you live in, like a house, a condo, an apartment its all the same. It’s a home. It’s a place where you can play, work, talk and enjoy yourself. I love my home and I couldn’t live without it. Imagine a life without a home, it hurts to think what people are going through.
People are living in the streets and nobody is noticing. The hassle others are going through is unbelievable and it’s not fair for them. We should realize what’s going on instead of taking our home for granite, It’s not right. Even though they’re not your family you can still help them out. One meal goes a long way, even a dollar.
Who know what could happen if you help. A burger could stop them from starving. A water bottle could stop dehydration. Even a smile could make they’re day. Almost anything could change a life, no matter what nice thing it is, it all helps.
Although not everyone has a home, that can be changed. There is always an answer. Some could be easy to find, some maybe not. But it is there. I think if we all work together, we could change the lives of millions of people without a home.