Grade 6

New Brunswick

Welcome to my houes

Every time I see that big gray house down the curvy road … I know I’m home. For me this has not always been home. I used to live with other family members so for me I have three homes. In that way I’m lucky some people have no home. Having no home is so not fair for families.
When I leave from one home I’m off to another. When I walk through the door the refreshing smell of food smacks me in the face, the dog pounces on me “ouch”, the baby cries, and my step mom says “Hi Savanna!” Ah it’s good to be home. I walk to my room, take off my coat, and flop on my bed. What a luxury it is good to be home.
It is not always peaceful at home, it can be war! Family can scream and holler. We give each other evil glares. When we think about it from the other persons side we realize “Hey, that makes sense”. Sometimes it takes hours, sometimes it takes days, but in the end we make up.
I really do feel bad for those families that have no home. I, my family, and everyone that have homes are lucky. I know some aren’t making ends meet. I know what it is like not being able to make ends meet easily. Lucky for us we had a family that took us in and we are grateful to have them. It must be terrible not to have a home.
Everyone has a different meaning of home. My home is somewhere that I can relax and play with me younger siblings. It’s a place where we celebrate and spend holidays together. My sister and I have a bedroom where we can sleep, safe, comfortable and warm every night. It’s a place where we spend time reading, talking, and doing homework. Home is place where nana and I bake cookies. My home is somewhere where I can have the freedom to be me. I wish everyone had a place like that to make memories.