Grade 6

New Brunswick

Welcome Home

Sarah Sharpe
Mrs. Piron/LA
|November 4, 2016
Welcome Home
When I finally get home from school, I stomp my way up the stairs. As my backpack drags behind me, my eyelids are as heavy as boulders. After a long day of school, I love to just come home and read a book in bed till I fall asleep. My sheets are warm and cozy. I stay snuggled up until my big brother comes home to wake me up. I love home.
As soon as he gets to the door, my brother rings the doorbell three times. The ringing of the doorbell startles me, and I race down the stairs as fast as a cheetah to open the door. When I open the door, a breath of fresh air hits my face. My brother rushes in and drops off his backpack. Then I go find something to do while I wait for my mom to come home, like coloring or watch shows with my brother. I like how there is always something to do at home.
Eventually I find something to do, I settle down. Most of the time one of my dogs sits down on the couch with me. I don’t think I could live without my family or my dogs. Cause they’re some of the things that make home well home. I’m really glad to have a home. It’s a place where I can be me.
When my mom gets home she starts to make supper. I love when my mom makes supper from scratch, I love the taste of my mom’s cooking. While supper cooks, my brother, me and our dog walk to the mailbox. It’s usually kind of cold outside, so I wear my super cozy jacket to keep me worm inside and out. Our dog would always play in the leaves as we walked by. It is really amusing to watch. All the time my brother will tell me fun facts or try to make me laugh ever since we were little
Sometimes people have more than one home, like me. There are many different reasons why these people have more than one home. Like parent separation or they have extra money to afford more than one. But everyone’s home has about the same things. Someone to care for them or someone for them to care for, you can always be yourself and no one can judge you. So home should be a place to have fun, let the good times roll. It’s a place to remember the old memories and make new ones. That’s what home means to me and what I think when someone says “home”.