Grade 5

Newfoundland and Labrador

Welcome Home

Welcome Home
I live in Glovertown. The meaning of home is where your heart is filled with warmth and where your house is filled with love. In a home is where lots of your biggest dreams come true and where caterpillars turn into beautiful butterflies. Somewhere all around the world there are people without any homes such like homeless people and some homeless people have kids and don’t have enough money for food or a house or even a cup of coffee. Sometimes people without homes end up losing their kids because they are homeless. That’s why they have a program where people without houses have people that build tiny houses for them to live in, which is really a nice to do. I am writing this essay because every time you write one of these and you submit it, ten dollars goes to the homes for humanity and when you help humanity you are helping them build houses for the homeless and that’s why I am writing this essay. If you write an essay you are helping the homeless so make sure you make one of these essays to save the homeless. I hope you save the homeless by making one of these essays so please try and save the homeless.